Available courses

Firefighter II

This course includes Firefighter I, Firefighter II, HazMat Awareness and HazMat Operations.


Ronnie Gothard


Firefighter I

Instructor- Ronnie Gothard

Lead Instructor's  Ronnie Gothard & Rodney Caudle

20 Hr CE Course

196 hr Basic Fire Inspector Course Includes each IFSAC section.

Fire Inspector I

Fire Inspector II

Fire Inspector I

Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement IFSTA 8th ed.

Instructor: Ronnie Gothard

Fire Inspector II

Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement IFSTA 8th ed.

Instructor:  Ronnie Gothard

Plans Examiner I

Includes IFSAC Seals for Inspector I, Inspector II, and Plans Examiner I. This is the state certification for to be a Fire Inspector in the state of Texas.

Required Textbook:

Fire Inspector and Code Enforcement 7th ed. IFSTA (this course is closing June 1, 2018 no exceptions.

20 hours Fire Investigator CE

Ins. Thomas Gortmaker

Ins. Ronnie Gothard

Instructor III

Instructors:  Ronnie Gothard-Rodney Caudle- Chad Graves

Course for Dallas Fire Department Personnel taking the Fire Instructor I Course
Instructor: Ronnie Gothard

Instructor II Course

 IFSTA 9th Ed. : Fire and Emergency Services Instructor

Fire officer II

Instructor Ronnie Gothard

FOI Course for Dallas Fire Departement

Instructor:  Rodney Caudle


Instructor Rodney Caudle

Fire Officer II Course